We are Crystal Coast Strong

The Crystal Coast v.s. Hurricane Florence

crystal coast
Bogue Inlet Pier right before Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence slammed the Crystal Coast, leaving behind disarray like we’ve not seen in many, many years.  The aftermath was unnerving, surreal even. Photos of the wreckage brought tears to my eyes, days before returning from evacuation. Now that clean up has begun, tall mounds of crumbled drywall, wads of gooey insulation and debris galore line the streets.  Twisted trees ripped from their cozy earthen covers lay on their sides, awaiting the next available chainsaw to cut them into manageable chunks. Memories of summer lie in ruins, washed away by Florence’s pounding rains, howling winds, and strategically place tornadoes.

Crystal Coast Strong

How do we recover from the widespread wreckage? How do we rebuild after such damage? Together it will happen, because we are Crystal Coast Strong!  Brave emergency personnel, rescue squads and the Cajun Navy stood by during the storm, saving many lives as a result.  Now, in the midst of the aftermath, the silver lining truly shines brightest. From every corner of the country, people have come here to help in any way they can. Clean up crews, contractors, outreach groups and many others have permeated the Crystal Coast. These good Samaritans come offering their love, support and very important services to our bruised community. People helping people… it’s a beautiful thing.

We Can Rebuilt It!

Eventually, life on the Crystal Coast will surely regain a sense of “normal.”  Displaced families will once again have safe roofs over their heads. In time, lives will be rebuilt. A community as proud & strong as ours has a way of pulling itself back together. Understandably, you may be asking yourself, “What is to become of Emerald Isle?” We will rebuild, simply put! It will take a lot more than rain and wind to chase us away from the coast we love so dearly. We plan for our properties to be ready and available for next summer, therefore, don’t hesitate call us and reserve for your 2019 summer vacation! (The Bogue Inlet Pier lives on!) crystal coast

A very special thank you to all who have come to the Crystal Coast to help us regain our bearings post Florence. You are blessed!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B


Emerald Isle Beach Rentals

As our area blossoms, Emerald Isle beach rentals continue to grow in popularity. Undoubtedly, times are exciting on the Crystal Coast! Our thriving tourist community continues to draw in new guests from around the globe. First-time visitors fall in love with the gorgeous coastlines and unique cultural experiences available here.  Whether you are a history buff, a die-hard foodie, an art enthusiast, or nature lover the activities here are endless. In fact, the choices of available Emerald Isle beach rentals are endless too! Bring a crowd or come solo to the Isle, and we’ll find you the coziest home away from home.

Dolphin Watch

emerald isle beach rentals

Nestled along Ocean Drive is the newest additions to Shorewood’s repertoire, Dolphin Watch! This roomy 3 bedroom (+2 bonus rooms), 3 bathroom home offers ample space to relax and  reconnect at the seashore.  Its 2-part deck offers both shade and a  sunbathing area overlooking the emerald Atlantic waters.

Without a doubt, the views from the deck are amazing, earning the home its playful name!  Furthermore, the new kitchen appliances will certainly appeal to guests who like a more updated look.  Simply put, this lovely beach rental home is everything a family could ever need!

Emerald Isle Beach Rentals

During this time of year, the Isle is a bustling paradise filled with guests from around the world. Like clockwork, Emerald Isle beach rentals quickly fill up with happy families and friends anticipating a week of sandy splendor. Vacations are often the once-a-year opportunity for loved ones to see one another. We greatly take that to heart. In the spirit of family and friendship, Shorewood always welcomes guests with open arms. We are happy to see guests come, because with visitors comes support and growth for our community… and that just makes us smile all over! So go on and dig your toes in the sand, take a deep breath, and consider yourself at home on Emerald Isle!


Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B.

Emerald Isle Coffee Shops

What’s the Buzz ⇒ Emerald Isle Coffee Shops

“Hello darkness, my old friend…” singing to my cup again…my cup filled with deliciously smooth java, to be exact! Now, a good coffee shop isn’t hard to find, but going on vacation can leave you in desperate search of you’re next tasty pick-me-up.  Fear not! As always, I’ll faithfully lead you to the road paved with goodness… and caffeine.

What does it take to become one of the greatest Emerald Isle coffee shops, anyway? Delicious brew, of course, and a relaxing environment to enjoy it!

Emerald Isle coffee shopsAlong with many avid coffee fans, I appreciate a selection of good quality menu options and signature offerings.  All the Emerald Isle coffee shops serve strong espresso shots, creamy mochas and smooth iced coffees, and still the question remains… where do the locals go? We go where the coffee is good, the treat are tasty, and the service is friendly.

Each of the charming Emerald Isle coffee shops have their own signature style and flair, yet all are equally satisfying.  Allow me to introduce you to your next cup of happiness…

Stir It Up

This little gem in the Emerald Plantation Shopping Center serves up some seriously tasty refreshments and treats. Stir It Up has a wide variety of drinks available, frappes being a big summertime seller.  My personal recommendation is the Mexican Mocha Frappe, a most heavenly frozen combination of ice cold chocolate with warming cinnamon notes. Delish!

Emerald Isle coffee shops

The Milky Way Frappe is another winner. Honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate and caramel… yum!  With a slew of flavor combinations available, there is definitely something for everyone, including the kids.  The baked goods on display are so delicious, convenient and individually packed for an easy grab and go treat. Grab the little ones a hot chocolate and a cookie, and see those precious smiles appear!

4J’s  Cafe and Bake Shop

I’ve raved about 4J’s Cafe & Bake Shop in the past and I’ll rave about it until the cows come home! Drink options are awesome and they offer so much more than just coffee. Their smoothies are to live for, especially with the variety of protein options. My favorite is definitely the Angela smoothie, an awesomely light yet filling blend of strawberries and chia seeds (I add banana… oh-so-yummy!) The options are vast, so discovering your favorite should be breeze. Emerald Isle coffee shops

4J’s, of course, gets it right with coffee as well! They offer personal pots, hot and cold signature blends, and the tea selection here gives them bragging rights and clout among other tea rooms in the area… 42 teas to choose from for your infusion pleasure! The imported products offered vary from kitchen tools to oils and seasonings, and so much more.

The proprietor is originally from NYC, so you know he does it right when it comes to baked goods. This is the only place around offering Brooklyn-water bagels, along with the other fantastic pastries baked up fresh each morning. If you’ve never experience a Brooklyn-water bagel, you absolutely must! I guarantee you won’t be sorry. Get their early or preorder bagels for the next morning… they sell out quickly (and yes, they are that good!) Specialty cakes and pastries are also available to order… the perfect way to celebrate a beach vacation. Check out the 4J’s  website for their amazing selection!

Muttigans K9’s & Coffee

Coffee connoisseurs and pet lovers are head-over-heels for this awesome java hut, unique among the Emerald Isle coffee shops. Seriously, this place is so cool… and pet friendly!

Emerald Isle coffee shops

Half of this shop is dedicated to high quality pet supplies and gifts, while the other half is dedicated to refueling, reconnecting, and relaxing with your favorite friends, furry or otherwise. The impressive menu showcases the owners passion for quality products, proven in all aspects of this establishment. In addition to coffee, they offer an assortment of locally baked goods, along with a selection of craft beer and wine.

Friendly staff members set the welcoming tone while they prepare one of the best coffee drinks you’ll ever enjoy. They have refreshments for kids as well, and even offer the Pup Cup (whipped cream with a cookie treat topping just for the fur-babies.) The hot Mocha and the Flavor of the Day brewed coffee options are my personal favorites. You can taste the quality in each sip!

Emerald Isle Coffee Shops

Emerald Isle coffee shops

There is something absolutely sublime about sipping coffee while the sun kisses you and the ocean lulls you into total bliss. It’s always Coffee O’Clock somewhere on Emerald Isle, so go ahead and have another cup!


Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B.

Vacation Packing List: Isle Essentials

“And, don’t forget to pack the…”

Staying at a beach house takes a bit more planning than many first-time guests may realize. Many items available for you at hotels are the very items you will need to bring to your beach house rental.

vacation packing list
Emerald Isle in spring

Regardless of your vacation destination, organization is key to any successful trip, whether you’re alone or with the entire family. Creating your vacation packing list is easy, especially with the input from your group.  One person cannot remember everything, therefore work together on building this list…and check it twice!  Seeking suggestions from sample lists can also be very helpful.  Below are a few suggested items recommended to bring on your Emerald Isle vacation.  Remember, a little extra preparation can make the difference between “Oh, bummer…” and “Ooo, summer!”

“Essentials” Vacation Packing List

Emerald Isle beach houses provide the opportunity to indulge in gorgeous views, amazing sunrises and sunsets, and delicious salty breezes that only the Crystal Coast offers.

You simple need to bring everything you will need to enjoy your time spent here. Shorewood has created a list of “Things to Bring” that suggest items you will need during your stay. Items include paper products, trash bags, dish & laundry soap, and so on. Be sure to go over this list and add or take away as needed when creating your own vacation packing list!

Vacation First Aid

One of the most important things to have on you at anytime is a well-stocked first aid kit. Below are just a few items to add to your vacation packing list that can really save the day!

  • Bandages, gauze, adhesives
  • Pain relievers / sleep aid / allergy / motion sickness / anti-diarrhea & laxative medicines (Because travelling can be hard on the body!)
  • Hydro cortisone cream / Insect repellent / sting relief
  • Sunburn relief (You’ll be happy to have it!)
  • Eye drops / artificial tears
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mole skin (blister relief) / corn pads
  • Feminine / personal care products
  • Scissors / tweezers / sewing needle
  • Remember to bring your personal prescription medications in their  pharmacy labeled bottles!

Expect the Best, Plan for the Occasion

Plan ahead and take your time when creating your own vacation packing list.  Check it twice, and get advise from members of your group as to what they would like to bring as well. Pack smart! Also keep in mind there are stores on the Crystal Coast where you can purchase items you forget something or if you would rather stock up when you arrive. The Shorewood staff is here as a resource as well.  We are happy to guide you in the right direction as to what items will serve you best and where to find them while on your vacation to Emerald Isle.  We’ll see you this summer!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B


Beach Vacation Rentals: Emerald Isle 2018

New Year’s Discounts

Reservations are flooding in for Shorewood’s beach vacation rentals, and we are excited for the upcoming 2018 summer! I ask you, what’s more thrilling than the thought of heading to the beach?  Surely heading to the beach with a little extra cash in your pocket must sound good. Well, here is some great news! Many of our vacation rental properties are offering 10% off their base price if reserved before March 31st. (Call us to find out what properties are participating; there are quite a few!) Finding the best vacation rentals available for summer is a breeze!  Just think, that extra you save could turn into a romantic date night with your loved one or an awesome outing with the kids!

2018 Vacation Rentals

Think about what you want from your beach rental. Do you ultimately need an oceanfront Isle Treasure with a pool or a hot tub? Perhaps a cozy condo overlooking the ocean would be lovely? Maybe something in the middle would work, like a single-family cottage, possible second row with a pool.

beach vacation rentals
Views of the Crystal Coast

If any of these options sounds good, you’ve come to the right rental company. Furthermore, our wide variety of beach vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes, priced for most everyone’s budgets.  Moreover, there is no need to feel intimidated if you are new to the beach rental world. We will happily guide you to find the best property for your family.

Beach Vacation Rentals from Emerald Isle to Salter Path

Bogue Banks is 22 miles of gorgeous scenery spotted with homes and humble little business. Folks finding themselves here for the first time fall in love and return year after year. Many find preference for specific areas of our beautiful barrier island, but the entire piece of land is a slice of heaven. Shorewood offers homes in Emerald Isle, Salter Path, Indian Beach, and Pine Knoll Shores. Regardless of the location, if you’re here then you’re in for a treat! We hope to see you this summer!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B.


Coastal Living: The Real Experience

Variety is the Spice of Life

Choices… that’s what life is all about. When it comes to the coastal living experience, Shorewood is the right choice for your beach vacation needs. Having a wide variety of vacation rentals to choose from can make life simple.  Most often, guests contacts us with a punch list of amenities the group just can’t live without. That’s actually not a bad way to approach the rental world!  Knowing what you want makes the selection process easy for both you and the reservationist working with you. We can help select the property you’ll fall in love with when we know exactly what you have in mind!

Coastal Living Experience

Shorewood has a few new additions to our rental offerings this year! Being a big fan of sound front vacation rentals, I’m thrilled to announce the addition of the lovely sound front home named Panacea.  This rental, named for the Greek goddess of universal remedy (aka cure-all),  is an absolute gem! Located in a quiet neighborhood on the mainland, Panacea is the perfect retreat for the avid water lovers seeking the coastal living experience.  The private dock comes complete with a 10,000 lb boat lift and two jet ski slips! I highly recommend Panacea to anyone who love coastal living, but doesn’t want to mess with the busy island during the summer.

coastal living
Bogue Sound at Sunset

New Year’s Discount

The new year is rolling right along, and just over a month remains to take advantage of the New Year’s Discount!  If you weren’t aware, surely I’m here to tell you… booking early has its benefits! Many of Shorewood’s beach rentals are offering a discount when you make your reservation before March 31st.  This is just one way Shorewood homeowners can say ‘Thank You’ for choosing their homes! Quite a few  homes, duplexes, and condos are still available for this summer, so let us help find the one that’s right for you. Choose the best, leave the rest 🙂 and as always…

Stay Salty!

Christine B

Crystal Coast Holiday Events

Holidays Are Here Again

Another year has flow by and the glorious winter season is once again upon us.  Crystal Coast holiday events are ready and raring to kick off as expected!  Winter is certainly the most wonderful time of year, as they say, so get out and about!  As a matter of fact, it’s the perfect time to mingle with others and meet your neighbors, as well as participating in events around our great community!  Since there is so much to do, make room on your calendars.  Check out these awesome Crystal Coast holiday events taking place in December!

Crystal Coast Holiday Events to Enjoy with the Family

23rd Annual John Costlow Train Show

December 1st-3rd @ Old 1907 Train Depot, Beaufort – Hours May Vary                                                                  At the corner of Pollock & Broad, you’ll find the Old 1907 Train Depot filled with model trains of all shapes and sizes.  From tiny models to outdoor sized displays, there’s something here to delight the children in all of us.  Bring the family to share in the joy brought on by this anticipated holiday tradition.  View both simple circular tracks and intricate displays, all set up by their respective operators.  Learn a bit of history and meet some real train enthusiast who love to share their hobby!  Find out more information here!


4th Annual “Santa and a Movie”

December 8th, 2017 @ EI Parks & Recreations  6 pm-8 pm                                                                                      Join Santa for a holiday story after watching a short Christmas movie classic!  Milk & cookies will be provided for children of all ages.  Make sure to bring a blanket to sit on during the movie, and wear your festive holiday pajamas!  In order to attend, you must pre-register.  Call 252-354-6350 or visit  www.emeraldisle-nc.org for more details.


5th Annual Gingerbread Festival

December 8-10, 2017 @ the Crystal Coast Civic Center

Crystal Coast holiday events                                 


December 8th:  Preview Party!    7:30 pm-11 pm  $50 Tickets                                                                              Come preview the Gingerbread Festival entries at this awesome holiday party.  Enjoy a dinner catered by Seaside Sensations, while Punch provides the musical entertainment.  Tickets to this fantastic celebration are available here!

December 9th & 10th: Open to the Public  11 am-5 pm   Free Admission                                                           Everyone in town is invited to view the festive gingerbread houses and Crab Pot Christmas Trees on display!  Festival goers can vote for their favorite gingerbread displays while enjoying the concerts held on both days.  Crafts will be available for the kids, along with a gingerbread decorating demonstration.   Additionally, concessions will also be available for hungry tummies. Winners of the Festival will receive awards on the afternoon of the 10th.

December 10th: Cookies & Cocoa with Santa  2 pm-4 pm   $10 Tickets                                                      Cookies & Cocoa with Santa will be held on the afternoon of Sunday the 10th.  Tickets allows the little ones to enjoy a fun afternoon visiting with Santa Claus.  They will participate in holiday crafts with other children while indulging in yummy treats!  Watch as little eyes light up with holiday wonder!


Morehead City Christmas Parade

December 9th  11 am-12 pm                                                                                                                                                       Join the community down in Morehead for this years parade!  The parade will begin at 1700 Arendell Street and end at 8th & Arendell Streets.  This years parade will feature floats, community groups, bands, entertainment, and above all, Santa!  Bring the family out to catch the holiday spirit!  For more information, visit www.downtownmoreheadcity.com.

More to Come!

All in all, I will keep you posted on the upcoming happenings in January and February.  However, I leave you with a full list of Crystal Coast holiday events.  Take advantage of the holiday season while enjoying simple outings with good friends.  Moreover, break the routine of chores and daily duties to spend time with the family.  Remember, next year will fly by just as quickly as this one has!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B.


Rental Homes on Emerald Isle

Getting the Worm

The early bird gets the worm… a wise statement, indeed.  As far as I can tell, this rule of thumb holds true for most things in life.  Hence, consider the rental homes on Emerald Isle as the proverbial “worms.”  From the large Isle Treasures to cozy little condos, rental homes on Emerald Isle are some of the most popular in the world.  Early vacation planning ensures you are able to select from a wide variety of properties.  Planning ahead also allows for ample preparation time, especially important when renting a vacation property.  If it sounds like the pressure is on, fear not.  I’m here to guide you, my dear vacationer friends.  Here are a few tips to help you plan the best beach vacation yet!

Rental Homes on Emerald Isle: Choosing the Right One for You

Begin searching for your ideal rental property as soon as you decide to visit the Crystal Coast.  During the course of the year, most rental properties on the Isle fill up with reservations quickly.  Therefore, planning a year ahead of time isn’t a bad idea!  Each of the rental homes on Emerald Isle have unique personalities.  Take time to view pictures and descriptions of the ones that may work for your group.  Doing this will give you a better idea of what you will be walking into.  Room layout, kitchen size and dining arrangements, and accessibility all play a factor into what works best for your group.  Of course, we know our properties best so allow us to help when the planning process gets a bit overwhelming.

Plan Your Activities

Learning the lay of the land is the best way to maximize your coastal experience.  Whether you’re an avid angler, a nature lover, a history buff, or a foodie, there is something here to peek your interest.  While planning your trip, read about everything the area offers.  Ask members of your group what they are interested in experiencing.  This will help determine what activities your group will enjoy best.  Consider the charter fishing tours that leave out of Swansboro, Morehead City, and Beaufort.  These towns are not only beautifully historic, they also offer excellent waterfront shopping, dining, and sightseeing for all those who don’t quite have their sea legs.

rental homes on emerald isle
Cedar Point Nature Trail

For all you nature lovers, this coastal area provides many opportunities to enjoy serene beauty.  Popular natural areas include the Cedar Point Tideland Trail and the Emerald Isle Woods Path.  The Elliot Coues Trail at Fort Macon is another local favorite.  Additionally, Fort Macon is just one of the many historical sites worth visiting on Bogue Banks, along with the Historical Society in Morehead City.  Young people will enjoy the hands-on historical experience along with many other activities tailored to the youth.  We are always happy to offer many other suggestions for everyone in your group, including the young people!

Plan Your Meals

Most travelers wait until they are on the Isle to go grocery shopping.  As I’ve witnesses a thousand times, fighting crowds of hungry road warriors is rarely pleasant.  Regardless, people have to eat!  If you didn’t know already, groceries can be ordered online and delivered to rental homes on Emerald Isle!  Can you imagine the stress and confusion this can save, especially when travelling in with a large group?  Lowes Foods To Go offers the option to shop online and either pick up or have your food delivered.  Having the members of your group specify what they would like in the refrigerator can help avoid a lot of hassle.  Island Dawn Errands is another excellent resource when you need to handle personal and business errands.  Friendly and reputable, Dawn will get it done!  Plan to use these services and save yourself a major headache.

Of course, being on vacation also means dining at some of the best local restaurants in the area.  From fine dining to casual family meals, you’ll find the best of everything on the Crystal Coast.  The fishing industry on  our coast supplies restaurants with the freshest seafood available.  The creative chefs cook it up to reflect their own artistry.  Take time to look at menus, read reviews, and plan where you would really like to dine.  When the question finally comes up of “Where do you want to eat tonight?,” you’ll already know!

Items to Bring to Rental Homes on Emerald Isle

Many newcomers and first-time renters are under the impression that rental homes on Emerald Isle are like hotels.  They are indeed alike in many ways, and also different in many ways.  Hotels offer the convenience of turn-down service and mini bottles of shampoo and lotion.  Beach rental houses offer the privacy and room to accommodate an entire family with room to spare… try that in a single hotel room.  Rental homes on Emerald Isle provide a home away from home, a place to cozy up and relax.

Before you relax though, there are a few things you will need to pack.  At least begin making your list ahead of time.  Be sure to include things like paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, and dish soap.  All of our properties have either coffee makers, a Keurig, or both.  Be sure to bring filters and your favorite hot beverages!  Also, bring shampoo & conditioner, bath & hand soaps, and all other toiletries.  Many properties include linens with weekly rentals, so double check if you will need to bring linens as well.  If so, be sure to have a correct bed count and know the sizes to bring!  We can help answer any questions about the properties and amenities.

See You Soon!

With all of that being said, I hope you start planning your trip to the Crystal Coast today!  Rental homes on Emerald Isle are available for families and groups of every size and vacation budget.  Let us help guide you to the one that will work best for you.  If you have any questions about the area, activities, and anything else, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.  We know the Crystal Coast and welcome you to it with open arms.  We’ll see you next summer!!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B


Winter Rentals on Emerald Isle

Bye Bye Summer

Winter on the Crystal Coast is that special time of the year filled with festivities, great food, amazing fishing and, of course, available winter rentals!  Summer crowds have dwindled, yet the gorgeous coastal scenery flourishes.  Weather on the Isle during the autumn and winter months is very mild, with average temperatures ranging anywhere between the mid-40’s to the mid-60’s.  Beach-combers and fishermen alike enjoy the serene beauty of the Crystal Coast in winter.  One visit during the off-season will certainly enlighten you as to why the Crystal Coast attracts visitors all year long!

Reel ‘Em In

Anglers know that autumn fishing on the Crystal Coast is prime!  With it’s recent remodel, Bogue Inlet Pier provides an exceptional fishing experience.

winter rentals
Bogue Inlet Pier

Folks from around the state come to cast their lines and reel in the wide variety that runs up the coast.  Ask the locals about recent seasonal catches along with where to pull them in!  So far this year, we’ve fried up sea mullet, pompano, spot, & trout, just to name a few.  Not only is it rewarding, it’s a lot of fun for the whole family.  Replace smart phones with fishing poles and see a whole new side of your family!  Your kids might even thank you for an amazing experience!

Yum Yum!

Searching for your next scrumptious meal in the off-season take little to no effort!  Local restaurants stay open year-round serving hot, fresh and delicious meals.  When cold breezes and snow flurries head your way, you head our way!  Grab a bowl of steaming Seafood Bisque at Flipperz, served with amazing homemade bread.  Visit Marty down at Captain’s Kitchen food truck for the best fried seafood anywhere.  Of course, you can always grab takeout from our fabulous local eateries to bring back to one of our winter rentals!  All in all, dine in comfort while watching the waves roll in!

Winter Rentals Just for You

Emerald Isle winter rentals are available now, and are priced to fit any vacation budget.  Enjoy the tranquility of “Island Living” during the off-season months by resting easy in one of our cozy Shorewood properties.  Altogether, our wide variety of beach homes are sure to delight!   By all means, take part in the many festivals and event happening during the winter months.  In essence, we encourage you to live like a local during your visit!  Call us today to plan your next vacation to the Isle!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B.


Morehead City: Gem of the Crystal Coast

What’s All the Hubbub?

Nestled on the banks of the Beaufort Inlet, Morehead City is where tradition meets advancement.  As a matter of fact, this bustling seaside hub has been a hot spot for commerce & tourism for over 150 years!  Rich in culture, customs, and folklore, Morehead is a nerve center of inspiration.  Artists of all mediums find the coast to be a muse, of sorts.  Writers and musicians from around the world have found their calling on the Crystal Coast.  Edible inspiration is found everywhere, served up by local chefs showcasing their individual styles.  Art galleries and antiques shops filled with hidden treasures line the streets of Downtown Morehead City.  By all means, delve into the many sights, sounds, & flavors of this thriving city-by-the-sea!

Morehead City
Beautiful Morehead City

 The Birth of Morehead City

Governor John Motley Morehead envisioned the development of a large port city on the coast. He traveled to Carteret County in the mid-19th century, interested in studying the Beaufort Harbor and Port.  Fortunately, the 29th governor found the location to be quite impressive!  Governor Morehead purchased 600 acres from the Arendell family, giving birth to Shepard Point Land Company, formed in 1857.  At that time, Morehead was occupied by 300 individual families when finally incorporated in 1860.  Developers and first leaders of Morehead City have name streets named in their honor.

Community is Strength

Morehead City thrives on community interaction and involvement.  Events held throughout the year benefit many causes in Carteret County.  Residence and visitors come out in troves to take part in the support of our community!  This is just another reason to plan off-season vacations to the Crystal Coast (hint, hint!)  Morehead City proudly hosts annual events including the North Carolina Seafood Festival and the Carolina Chocolate Festival, not to mention the legendary Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.   These prominent, non-profit events have raised millions of dollars to help strengthen our community.  Additionally, they have helped provide support and awareness for many Carteret County charities.

In addition, Morehead City is home to several world-class postgraduate programs and research organizations.  Equally, Morehead is also home to the lovely waterfront campus of Carteret Community College.  Notable parent schools include UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, & Duke University.  Morehead is a highly active hotbed for higher education.  Students can excel while studying in this gorgeous area.  When they need a break from the books, the beach is a hop and a skip away!  All in all, education and community are major focal points on the Crystal Coast.

Morehead City Eats & Treats

Dining on the Morehead Waterfront is a vast journey in variety.  Spanning from traditional southern fare to fine dining, the choices are endless!  Local chefs combine fresh ingredients to create unmatched flavors unique to the Crystal Coast.  Local bakeries bring people back time and time again with fresh, homemade goods.  Poke your head in to any of these gems and savor the best of the coast!

In any event, take time to explore the rich history and culture of Morehead City.  Step back in time at The History Place and sip tea at the Infusion Café. Certainly, be sure to grab a treat at Sugarloaf Island Bakery and the Spouter Inn!  Furthermore, take time to meet the locals and ask questions!  Take in the sights, sounds and flavors of the Crystal Coast!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B.