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“Hello darkness, my old friend…”, yes, I’m singing to my cup again…my cup filled with delicious hot coffee from one of my favorite Emerald Isle coffee shops! Now, a good coffee shop isn’t too difficult to find these days, but going on vacation to a new place can certainly leave you in search of you’re next tasty pick-me-up.  Fear not! As always, I’ll faithfully lead you to the road paved with goodness… and caffeine.

So, what does it take to become one of the greatest Emerald Isle coffee shops, anyway? Delicious brew, of course, and a relaxing environment to enjoy it!

Along with many avid coffee fans, I appreciate a selection of good quality menu options and signature offerings.  All the Emerald Isle coffee shops serve strong espresso shots, creamy mochas and smooth iced coffees, yet the question still remains… where do the locals go? We go where the coffee is good, the treats are tasty, and the service is friendly.

Each of the charming Emerald Isle coffee shops have their own signature style and flair, yet all are equally satisfying.  Allow me to introduce you to your next cup of happiness…

Stir It Up

Emerald Isle coffee shops

This little gem in the Emerald Plantation Shopping Center serves up some seriously tasty refreshments and treats. Stir It Up has a wide variety of drinks available, frappes being a big summertime seller.  My personal recommendation is the Mexican Mocha Frappe, a most heavenly frozen combination of ice-cold chocolate with warming cinnamon. Delish!

The Milky Way Frappe is another winner. Honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate and caramel… yum!  With a slew of flavor combinations available, there is definitely something for everyone, including the kids.  The baked goods on display are so delicious, convenient, and individually packed for an easy grab and go treat. Grab the little ones a hot chocolate and a cookie, and see those smiles appear!

4J’s Cafe and Bake Shop

I’ve raved about 4J’s Cafe & Bake Shop in the past and I’ll rave about it until the cows come home! Drink options are awesome and they offer so much more than just coffee. Their smoothies are to live for, especially with the variety of protein options. My favorite is definitely the Angela smoothie, an awesomely light yet filling blend of strawberries and chia seeds (I add banana… oh-so-yummy!) The options are vast, so discovering your favorite should be breeze. 

4J’s, of course, gets it right with coffee as well! They offer personal pots, hot and cold signature blends, and the tea selection here gives them bragging rights among other tea rooms in the area… 42 teas to choose for your infusion pleasure! The imported products offered vary from kitchen tools to oils and seasonings, and much more.

The proprietor is originally from NYC, so you know he does it right when it comes to baked goods. This is the only place around offering Brooklyn-water bagels, along with the other fantastic pastries baked up fresh each morning. If you’ve never experience a Brooklyn-water bagel, you absolutely must! I guarantee you won’t be sorry. Get their early or pre-order bagels for the next morning… they sell out quickly (and yes, they are that good!) Specialty cakes and pastries are also available to order… the perfect way to celebrate a beach vacation. Check out the 4J’s website for their great selections!

Muttigan’s K9s & Coffee

Friendly staff members set the welcoming tone while they prepare one of the best coffee drinks you’ll ever enjoy. They have refreshments for kids as well, and even offer the Pup Cup (whipped cream with a cookie treat topping just for the fur-babies.) The hot Mocha and the Flavor of the Day brewed coffee options are my personal favorites. You can taste the quality in each sip! (Check out their Swansboro location, as well!)

Half of this shop is dedicated to high quality pet supplies and gifts, while the other half is dedicated to refueling, reconnecting, and relaxing with your favorite friends, furry or otherwise. The impressive menu showcases the owners passion for quality products, proven in all aspects of this establishment. In addition to coffee, they offer an assortment of locally baked goods, along with a selection of craft beer and wine. Coffee connoisseurs and pet lovers are head-over-heels for this awesome java hut, unique among the Emerald Isle coffee shops. Seriously, this place is so cool… and pet friendly! In fact, it was rated as one of America’s Coolest Stores 2018 by Pet’s Plus Magazine. They certainly earned it, too!

Emerald Isle Coffee Shops

There is deep peace in sipping coffee while the ocean lulls you into total euphoria. It’s always Coffee O’Clock somewhere on Emerald Isle!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B.