Winter Rentals on Emerald Isle

Bye Bye Summer

Winter on the Crystal Coast is that special time of the year filled with festivities, great food, amazing fishing and, of course, available winter rentals!  Summer crowds have dwindled, yet the gorgeous coastal scenery flourishes.  Weather on the Isle during the autumn and winter months is very mild, with average temperatures ranging anywhere between the mid-40’s to the mid-60’s.  Beach-combers and fishermen alike enjoy the serene beauty of the Crystal Coast in winter.  One visit during the off-season will certainly enlighten you as to why the Crystal Coast attracts visitors all year long!

Reel ‘Em In

Anglers know that autumn fishing on the Crystal Coast is prime!  With it’s recent remodel, Bogue Inlet Pier provides an exceptional fishing experience.

winter rentals
Bogue Inlet Pier

Folks from around the state come to cast their lines and reel in the wide variety that runs up the coast.  Ask the locals about recent seasonal catches along with where to pull them in!  So far this year, we’ve fried up sea mullet, pompano, spot, & trout, just to name a few.  Not only is it rewarding, it’s a lot of fun for the whole family.  Replace smart phones with fishing poles and see a whole new side of your family!  Your kids might even thank you for an amazing experience!

Yum Yum!

Searching for your next scrumptious meal in the off-season take little to no effort!  Local restaurants stay open year-round serving hot, fresh and delicious meals.  When cold breezes and snow flurries head your way, you head our way!  Grab a bowl of steaming Seafood Bisque at Flipperz, served with amazing homemade bread.  Visit Marty down at Captain’s Kitchen food truck for the best fried seafood anywhere.  Of course, you can always grab takeout from our fabulous local eateries to bring back to one of our winter rentals!  All in all, dine in comfort while watching the waves roll in!

Winter Rentals Just for You

Emerald Isle winter rentals are available now, and are priced to fit any vacation budget.  Enjoy the tranquility of “Island Living” during the off-season months by resting easy in one of our cozy Shorewood properties.  Altogether, our wide variety of beach homes are sure to delight!   By all means, take part in the many festivals and event happening during the winter months.  In essence, we encourage you to live like a local during your visit!  Call us today to plan your next vacation to the Isle!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B.


Emerald Isle Fall Vacation Rentals

Time to Plan for the Holidays

Cool autumn air signifies the end of the summer vacation season here on the Crystal Coast.  Shorewood Real Estate had a great summer!  We now look forward to welcoming guests to their Emerald Isle fall vacation rentals!  Many autumn & winter vacation rental homes are still available, ideal for fishing trips or gathering the whole family for the winter holidays.  Now is the time to plan!  Take a look at our selection of family friendly properties that hold promise to be the perfect venues to eat, drink, and be merry!

The Gift of Memories

Undeniably, we live in an age of excess.  Many of us have a plethora of things we really don’t need.  We speed through each day, just trying to get to the next.  Rather than looking up at the stars in the evening, we spend our time obliviously staring down at our phones and computers.  Families sit around dinner tables saying very little to one another while they have full texting conversations with someone else.  We have been cheating ourselves.  Beauty and wonderment lie just beyond those screens, just beyond the windows of our offices and homes.  Its time to look up, reach out, connect with ourselves and our families.  The time to make memories is at hand!

Emerald Isle Fall Vacation Rentals

Life is short, and that is no lie.  Our kids get bigger every time we glance at them.  Not to mention, we’re not getting any younger either!  Here is my proposal… take a family trip, regardless the time of year.  Gather the troops and head for the seashore.

Emerald Isle fall vacation rentals
Bogue Inlet Pier at Dusk

Visit the North Carolina Aquarium, eat at a few local gems, all while avoiding the hectic summer crowds.  Stay up late with the kids, play games, watch movies, relax and reconnect as a family.  No matter the activity, being together is most important.  Sweet memories are the rewards that life grants us simply for waking up each morning.  Take time to make them… your kids will thank you for it!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B

Off-Season Vacation Rental Rates

Spring & Autumn on the Isle

Bogue Banks is a happening place in the summer, coupled with the beautiful sights & sounds available all year!  Beat the summer crowds by taking advantage of off-season vacation rental rates offered by Shorewood Real Estate.  These wallet-friendly lower rates are in effect from January to May, and early to mid August right into the fall & winter. It is a particularly perfect time for fishing trips and family vacations alike!  If you’ve only been here in the summer, now is the time to treat yourself to a spring or fall vacation on the Isle!

Off-Season Vacation Rental Rates… We’ve got them!!

off-season vacation rental rates
Sunset on Emerald Isle

Benefits of vacationing on Emerald Isle in the off season are abundant. Beginning in March & April, the Southern Outer Banks plays host to those who enjoy the spring weather on Bogue Banks. Rain or shine, these very happy visitors are excited to be here taking in ocean air from the comfort of deck chairs.  Many seasonal guests choose to stay in duplexes with friends.  Others stay in oceanfront or 2nd row single family homes, surely taking advantage of those amazing spring rental rates!

Similarly, autumn is a great time to enjoy the sand and surf.  Fishing is booming and the weather is wonderful, not to mention all the festivals and events occurring during September & October including the North Carolina Seafood Festival!  Hundreds of vendors gather at this much-anticipated event offering food, drinks, treats, crafts & much more!  Be here to take part in this exciting three-day party!  The Swansboro Mullet Festival also takes place in autumn when fishing in this area is prime!

Visitors Wanted, Inquire Within!

Call or email us anytime to inquire about vacationing here on Emerald Isle.  Everyone deserves to feel soft sand under their feet & warm sun on their shoulders.  Salt air & ocean water feed our souls.  Moreover, we want you to experience those awesomely peaceful moments as well!  May you come often &  leave happy!

Until next time, stay salty!

Christine B

Winter Vacation Rentals

Beach Trips, Not Just For Summer!

As October comes to a close, residents all along the Crystal Coast take a deep breath.  As the summer crowds wean and winter vacation rentals become available, locals once again enjoying the quiet serenity brought on by the “off-season.” While Emerald Isle plays host to many thousands of visitors every year, folks along the shore take advantage of the down time between September and April.  Our beloved tourists are back home, plotting and planning for their next trip to their favorite East Coast beaches. Yet, there are still the ever-so-wise visitors who have come to embrace the winter on the coast.

Winter Vacation Rentals

Winter vacation rentals
Panoramic view of the Emerald Isle Beach

Visiting the Emerald Isle beaches during the autumn and winter imparts a few major benefits, one of which being the fantastic rental rates available for both short-term and long-term winter vacation rentals. Most Emerald Isle beach homes set forth by Shorewood Real Estate are available year-round, for weekly, monthly, or long-term rentals. Many seasonal anglers find themselves renting here for weeks or months on end, casting their lines into the rolling surf located just a hop and a skip from their beach rentals.

Families and couples with or without school-aged children are also present during this time, exploring the Crystal Coast’s seasonal activities and events occurring all throughout the year. Of course, there are those folks who just adore Emerald Isle too much to leave, so they stay for a while, often through the winter. It is a savvy idea! Why shovel snow when you can kick sand?

I encourage visitors to experience Emerald Isle and the local area during the fall and winter vacation seasons. Local shops and restaurants are very much alive, along with a slew of local activities including live music, art shows, historical tours, and more. You may find your visit to be even more enjoyable during this beautiful time of the year.

The crowds have diminished, and the beaches have cleared, yet the sun still shines warmly. It is truly a wonderful time to get out of dodge and head to Emerald Isle. Stay for a week, stay for three months, either way, you will be happy you did. In turn, we will be thrilled to have you as our guest.

Until next time, stay salty!

Christine B