We are Crystal Coast Strong

The Crystal Coast v.s. Hurricane Florence

crystal coast
Bogue Inlet Pier right before Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence slammed the Crystal Coast, leaving behind disarray like we’ve not seen in many, many years.  The aftermath was unnerving, surreal even. Photos of the wreckage brought tears to my eyes, days before returning from evacuation. Now that clean up has begun, tall mounds of crumbled drywall, wads of gooey insulation and debris galore line the streets.  Twisted trees ripped from their cozy earthen covers lay on their sides, awaiting the next available chainsaw to cut them into manageable chunks. Memories of summer lie in ruins, washed away by Florence’s pounding rains, howling winds, and strategically place tornadoes.


Crystal Coast Strong

How do we recover from the widespread wreckage? How do we rebuild after such damage? Together it will happen, because we are Crystal Coast Strong!  Brave emergency personnel, rescue squads and the Cajun Navy stood by during the storm, saving many lives as a result.  Now, in the midst of the aftermath, the silver lining truly shines brightest. From every corner of the country, people have come here to help in any way they can. Clean up crews, contractors, outreach groups and many others have permeated the Crystal Coast. These good Samaritans come offering their love, support and very important services to our bruised community. People helping people… it’s a beautiful thing.


crystal coast

Eventually, life on the Crystal Coast will surely regain a sense of “normal.”  Displaced families will once again have safe roofs over their heads. In time, lives will be rebuilt. A community as proud & strong as ours has a way of pulling itself back together. Understandably, you may be asking yourself, “What is to become of Emerald Isle?” We will rebuild, simply put! It will take a lot more than rain and wind to chase us away from the coast we love so dearly. We plan for our properties to be ready and available for next summer, therefore, don’t hesitate call us and reserve for your 2019 summer vacation! (The Bogue Inlet Pier lives on!)

A very special thank you to all who have come to the Crystal Coast to help us regain our bearings post Florence. You are blessed!

Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B


Author: Christine Britten

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