Emerald Isle Beach Bag Essentials

emerald isle beach bag essentialsPutting some thought into choosing your Emerald Isle beach bag essentials can save your beach day and preserve your sanity, take it from me. Every year, I watch people put the same effort into preparing for their few sweet hours on the beach as they would if they had just sold their house and were moving off-grid. I can only giggle when I see a poor lost soul fighting a beach cart up through the hot sand. Oh, and those poor parents packed like camels tracking through the Sahara with back-breaking loads. It’s rough to watch them struggle while also attempting to herd their children like cats.

Listen up, there is a better way! Knowing which Emerald Isle beach bag essentials to bring can and will help you avoid lugging endless amounts of beach gear across the sand when all you really want to do it relax! As always, I’m here to guide you!

Over the years, I’ve discovered a few  Emerald Isle beach bag essentials that I’m excited to share with you! Bottom line, I refuse to be a pack mule and you should too. With a little thought and a few crucial items in your favorite beach bag, your next trip to the shore will be a pleasure. Check out these cool items that will make life so much easier… and lighter!

Emerald Isle Beach Bag Essentials

Parachute Beach Blanket

emerald isle beach bag essentials

Parachute material is the BEST when it comes to repelling sand, hands down. Who would have guessed this would become an Emerald Isle beach bag essential.?

The Grand Truck Parasheet is the most wonderful beach ground cover. This is seriously the only beach blanket you’ll ever need again!  The travel experts at Grand Trunk have a knack for making useful and durable products perfect for beach trips, or any other trip for that matter. Furthermore, these ground covers are the size of a football when packed up… convenient! They spread out big and have fillable corner pockets to hold it down on windy days. All you do it scoop and tuck…so easy! When it’s time to go, flip the pockets to empty, stuff it back it’s handy-dandy carrying bag (which is attached so you cant lose it) and you’re done with that!

Baby Fresh

emerald isle beach bag essentials

For certain, baby powder is an Emerald Isle beach bag ESSENTIAL! (Look for the type made with cornstarch.) Nothing takes sand off easier, leaving you and the little ones soft and clean. Powder bags can be purchased online or made DIY-style with socks or cloth bags. I especially like these bags from Etsy. With cute designs and a convenient carrying bag, these are all you need for a quick clean-up! Simply pat skin to release powder and wipe that sand away! This little trick is also great for de-sanding before eating. Powder those sandy hands and wipe off with a clean towel… then chow down!

Pop-up Shelter vs. Umbrella

This is a toughie…. Pop-up shelters are awesome when you need a bit more room to spread out and hide from the sun. Yet, umbrellas have their function and charm as well. Let’s explore the difference between these two Emerald Isle beach bag essentials!

People usually associate pop-up shelters with those square canopies that you find at tail-gating parties and campgrounds. Don’t get me wrong, those serve their purpose but are not particularly ideal for beach trips. They are very heavy and take two or three people to put up. Believe me, the very last thing anyone wants to do after a day at the beach is break that thing down and lug it up the sand and back to the car. Therefore, let’s re-imagine how simple a sun canopy can truly be.

Quick Tents

emerald isle beach bag essentials

Canopies like the Sunshack Pop-Up Beach Shade are awesomely quick and effective sun shelters. This tent opens with the flick of a wrist and fold up just as easily. The less fuss the better, especially when little ones are with you. You certainly don’t need to be distracted by messing with poles and stakes. Simply fill the pockets with sand to it weight down, and you’re good to go!

Under My Umbrella

Umbrellas, however, also have their place on the beach. In doing my research, I stumbled across this “Why didn’t I think of that!” product. Presenting the beachBub beach umbrella system… genius. Well-built umbrellas are hard to find, but this one looks like a champ. It comes with useful accessories to assist in the simple set-up… even comes with a towel hook (you may want to bring a few extra as well.)

The options are limitless as to what kind of shaded shelter you bring. Regardless of what you choose, just be sure to have some sort of sun protection… it gets hot out on that sand!

The Chair

Beach chairs can be bulky, heavy, and awkward to carry. That being said, the chair you chooses directly affects your overall beach enjoyment, so choose wisely! There are a few varieties I’d like to share since not every chair works for every person. Consider these options:

emerald isle beach bag essentialsThe Tommy Bahama Deluxe Backpack Beach Chair comes complete with an adjustable pillow, an upper storage pouch, lower cooler pouch, and a side pouch for your cell phone and whatnot. When folded, it can be worn on your back to free up your hands! This is a great choice for any beach goer.

The Chillbo Shwaggins Air Loungers, or any air loungers for that matter, are amazingly cool options and so convenient. emerald isle beach bag essentialsAll you need is air! And no, you won’t be killing your lungs trying blow up this bad boy. Simply open one end and capture air inside of the bag. Flipping the end closes the bag while a simple fold and snap seals it… voila, a couch. I have one and it’s the best thing ever! When the day is over, release the air, fold it up and you are done! Deep pockets hold your reading material and drink and thing can even be staked down on windy days. Consider this to be one of the coolest Emerald Isle beach bag essentials in existence!

Beach Smart, Not Hard: Emerald Isle Beach Bag Essentials

emerald isle beach bag essentials

My father had it right when he said, “I work hard all year long, so why do I want to work hard on my vacation!” My sentiments exactly…

All in all, take my advice and travel light. A well stocked cooler and plenty of water should be the heaviest things you bring.  Speaking of coolers, in my next post I will share a few great companies who make coolers you’re going to love!

As Always, Stay Salty!

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