It’s a Dogs Life on the Isle

Top Tips for your Dog’s Best Vacation to Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle is an island full of pet enthusiasts, pet-friendly locations, and miles of beach for you and your pups to explore. Many beach rentals on the Isle are pet-friendly because, let’s face it, what’s a family vacation without the whole family?

Bringing your fur babies on vacation to Emerald Isle is a breeze, not to mention a total blast! Just keep a few important pet traveling tips in mind and your next trip to the Isle will be the best one yet!

Throw ‘em some shade… and lots water

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it always… having sun protection is crucial on the beach. Sunscreen (yes, for dogs) is important but having a tent or an umbrella will be your best friend’s best friend on those sunny summer days. Doggy sunscreen is recommended (they have skin too!) Ask your vet to recommend a sunscreen that is safe for your pup.

Also, discourage your pets from drinking sea water. Their insides will be sparkling clean but drinking too much salt water will dehydrate them quickly, especially on a hot summer day. Keep that fresh water available at all times!

BYOB… Bring your own ball

Pack your dog’s favorite balls and toys to keep them entertained at the beach. If your dog is a good swimmer, they will have fun for hours fetching their favorite floating toy from the waves. Also, remember to pack their blanket, woobie, or whatever it is that makes them feel safe and happy while away from home. The first few nights in a new place can be stressful for some pets. It may good idea to consider bringing a crate to your vacation rental. Your pup might appreciate having their own space to cozy up in at the end of a long beach day.

Olympic swimmer or kiddie pool…

Even the strongest swimmers must be cautious in the ocean. Know you dog’s skill level in the water and decide if a doggie life vest is appropriate for the occasion. These come in all sizes and are highly recommended, even if your dog is a great swimmer. Anything can happen in the ocean and it’s best to be prepared.

Remember, your pups will definitely need a good rinsing once the day is done too! Pack the doggie shampoo & brush and let them dry off in the breeze.

Dress to Impress

There are stylish alternatives to sunscreen and tents that offer additional UV protection so your pups can put out their own island vibe. Sun shirts, rash guards, eye protection, hats, and more are available through a number of retailers. Protect your pup’s eyes and skin from the sun and sand!

Also, bring an extra collar and leash for when the pups do decide to spend all day swimming. It will give the other waterlogged collar a chance to dry, while keeping in accordance with local leash laws. Know the local laws and please pick up after your fur babies (don’t forget the baggies!)

Snacks on Snack on Snacks

Snacks and treats, along with their regular diet, will be lifesavers when you need to keep their attention or reward them for good behavior while out in public. Being on a crowded beach or out in a new public place may cause your pup to lose focus or become stressed. Keep them at attention and relaxed with their favorite goodies!

Watching fur babies play by the sea is enough to make any Dog Mom or Dad smile. Other than sun protection, food, water, & toys, your pup only needs a shore to explore. The dogs will enjoy themselves on Emerald Isle just as much as you enjoy watching them!

Until next time, Stay Salty.

Christine B

Author: Christine Britten

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