Emerald Isle Beach Rentals

As our area blossoms, Emerald Isle beach rentals continue to grow in popularity. Undoubtedly, times are exciting on the Crystal Coast! Our thriving tourist community continues to draw in new guests from around the globe. First-time visitors fall in love with the gorgeous coastlines and unique cultural experiences available here.  Whether you are a history buff, a die-hard foodie, an art enthusiast, or nature lover the activities here are endless. In fact, the choices of available Emerald Isle beach rentals are endless too! Bring a crowd or come solo to the Isle, and we’ll find you the coziest home away from home.

Dolphin Watch

emerald isle beach rentals

Nestled along Ocean Drive is the newest additions to Shorewood’s repertoire, Dolphin Watch! This roomy 3 bedroom (+2 bonus rooms), 3 bathroom home offers ample space to relax and  reconnect at the seashore.  Its 2-part deck offers both shade and a  sunbathing area overlooking the emerald Atlantic waters.

Without a doubt, the views from the deck are amazing, earning the home its playful name!  Furthermore, the new kitchen appliances will certainly appeal to guests who like a more updated look.  Simply put, this lovely beach rental home is everything a family could ever need!

Emerald Isle Beach Rentals

During this time of year, the Isle is a bustling paradise filled with guests from around the world. Like clockwork, Emerald Isle beach rentals quickly fill up with happy families and friends anticipating a week of sandy splendor. Vacations are often the once-a-year opportunity for loved ones to see one another. We greatly take that to heart. In the spirit of family and friendship, Shorewood always welcomes guests with open arms. We are happy to see guests come, because with visitors comes support and growth for our community… and that just makes us smile all over! So go on and dig your toes in the sand, take a deep breath, and consider yourself at home on Emerald Isle!


Until next time, Stay Salty!

Christine B.

Coastal Living: The Real Experience

Variety is the Spice of Life

Choices… that’s what life is all about. When it comes to the coastal living experience, Shorewood is the right choice for your beach vacation needs. Having a wide variety of vacation rentals to choose from can make life simple.  Most often, guests contacts us with a punch list of amenities the group just can’t live without. That’s actually not a bad way to approach the rental world!  Knowing what you want makes the selection process easy for both you and the reservationist working with you. We can help select the property you’ll fall in love with when we know exactly what you have in mind!

Coastal Living Experience

Shorewood has a few new additions to our rental offerings this year! Being a big fan of sound front vacation rentals, I’m thrilled to announce the addition of the lovely sound front home named Panacea.  This rental, named for the Greek goddess of universal remedy (aka cure-all),  is an absolute gem! Located in a quiet neighborhood on the mainland, Panacea is the perfect retreat for the avid water lovers seeking the coastal living experience.  The private dock comes complete with a 10,000 lb boat lift and two jet ski slips! I highly recommend Panacea to anyone who love coastal living, but doesn’t want to mess with the busy island during the summer.

coastal living
Bogue Sound at Sunset

New Year’s Discount

The new year is rolling right along, and just over a month remains to take advantage of the New Year’s Discount!  If you weren’t aware, surely I’m here to tell you… booking early has its benefits! Many of Shorewood’s beach rentals are offering a discount when you make your reservation before March 31st.  This is just one way Shorewood homeowners can say ‘Thank You’ for choosing their homes! Quite a few  homes, duplexes, and condos are still available for this summer, so let us help find the one that’s right for you. Choose the best, leave the rest 🙂 and as always…

Stay Salty!

Christine B

Golf Courses & Fishing Charters

A Day Out With The Guys

A little time on the golf courses, and a little time spent charter fishing is just what a man needs to sooth his soul after a year of hard work and routine.  It’s the perfect therapy for the club swingers and line casters, while the ladies hit the spa.  The innate urge to hunt and gather is deeply ingrained in men… what’s better than “hunting” fish & gathering golf balls on a beautiful summer day!  Not much, Ill tell ya’!

Charter Fishing!

In keeping with the spirit of laid-back island life, Shorewood offers partial week rentals, making it easy to visit Emerald Isle for a few relaxing days. Who couldn’t use a few days at the beach? Our three-night minimum allows for time to relax, have some fun, and head back home revitalized. A bit of therapeutic recreation is just what a guy needs to brush away the cobwebs left behind by the day-to-day grind.

Charter fishing is a big deal around these parts, and makes for a great day trip with the boys. Most captains provide everything needed to simply hop aboard and reel it the big ones! Captain Chris Sewell of Fishead Charters and Captain Johnathan Garret of On Point Fishing Charters are just a couple to mention. These captains know their business and make sure everyone has a great time. For the more experienced anglers, Ahoy Boat Rentals allows guests to be their own captains. I also highly recommend visiting the Maritime Museum Boat Building workshop. They hold events throughout the year to educate the public about what goes into building wooden boats and how it’s done… fascinating stuff!

Golf Courses & Fast Cars

Golf courses
Star Hill Golf Course

What’s more fun than boat building? Golf perhaps? Speaking of hitting a few, let Shorewood set up a tee time for the group at Silver Creek Golf Club or Star Hill Golf Club. Both locations offer cart rentals and package deals, which is very convenient for a guy’s weekend getaway. Of course, someone in the group will surely be interested in cars and racing? Be sure to check out the new Carteret County Speedway website to view upcoming events, usually held on weekends.


Great weather, good buddies, and a cooler full of freshly caught fish… what more could a guy need to recharge his batteries? Occasionally, everyone needs to step back for a moment and take a deep breath of ocean air. So, grab your buds and the cooler. Life is sweet here on the Isle… come join us!

Until next time, stay salty!

Christine B.

Thanksgiving On The Isle

The Holidays Are Here

Crisp autumn air laced with scents of cinnamon and pine straw is the tell-tale sign that the holiday season is upon us.  Additionally, Thanksgiving on Emerald Isle is marked by the colorful harvest décor adorning local shops as they prepare for holiday shoppers.  As our lists of merrymaking obligations grow, and we face the same scenario every year, we ask the age-old question…

Sunset View off of the deck at Edgewater!


“Should I have the whole family for Thanksgiving dinner?”

Obviously the answer is “no”; you should only have the turkey and fixing’s…!

Although having an over-crowded house may feel like a bad joke, the reasons to fret can be minimized.  Worry only about who is cooking the sweet potato casserole and yeast rolls.

Thanksgiving With Shorewood

Shorewood Real Estate offers a wide array of vacation rentals including condos, duplexes, and single family properties.    We can accommodate families of all sizes, all year long. This often affords the perfect opportunity to combine holiday festivities and family reunions into one delightful beach getaway. For generations, families have headed to North Carolina beaches during autumn and winter to create treasured memories.  Here they honor family traditions, taking advantage of off-season rental rates. Enjoying a fantastic family reunion for the holidays is quite possible, sans the static of “not enough bathrooms”.

Elbow Room

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade begins at 9 am sharp and football promptly follows, so have your coffee and bagels ready! Shorewood Real Estate will make sure the toughest part of your trip is deciding on which family favorites to watch. Whether it is an ocean view condo, a semi-oceanfront cottage, or a luxury oceanfront home, there will be plenty of elbow room at the table for the entire family!

Until next time, stay salty!
Christine B.

Fall Fishing on Emerald Isle

Fall Fishing: Best Time of the Year

I adore a good fish joke (I grew up in a fish market, naturally), yet fall fishing is a serious business here on our beloved barrier. Beginning in September through November, the Southern Outer Banks plays host to a slew of enthusiastic anglers flocking to the Crystal Coast for their fall fishing trips. King & Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, Bluefish, & Speckled Trout are just a few of the species recently caught off of the Bogue Inlet Pier this season.

Rain or shine, these very happy fisher folks devotedly stay out day & night, patiently waiting for the tell-tale nibbles at the end of their lines. Excitedly, they wrangle in the salty opponents, and haul in their spoils, filling coolers to the brim. Content with the day’s takings, they head back to their weekly or biweekly beach rentals to take in the ocean air from the comfort of a deck chair.

fall fishing on the Crystal Coast
Shorewood’s Jesse fishing in his downtime!

From Atlantic Beach, Salter Path & Emerald Isle, to Morehead & Beaufort, vacation rental companies are busy accommodating these welcomed seasonal guests. Many folks stay in oceanfront duplexes with friends, while other stay in oceanfront or 2nd row single family homes, taking advantage of off-season monthly rental rates.

The fall season is a great time for fishing trips and family beach vacations alike. The summer crowd has dwindled, but the summer spirit lives on in the locals, and we share it freely. The sand and surf are still wonderful, shopping & dining are great, and the fishing is quite lucrative. Salt air and ocean views are good soul foods.  May all of our seasonal guests leave full and happy!

Where does a fisherman go when he needs an operation?
He goes to the Sturgeon!
Oh wow, that joke Smelt…

Until next time, stay salty!

Christine B.