Emerald Isle Fishing and Fishing Charters

Fishing on the Crystal Coast is as popular today as it was 200 years ago when the skill was not just for recreational purposes, but was a way of life for many North Carolinians. Whether you prefer live bait or lures, sink your feet in the surf and cast out or charter a boat for deep sea fishing adventure.

The great thing about fishing around Emerald Isle is the wide variety of locations and types of fishing available. You can fish the calm waters and tidal estuaries in Bogue sound or the intracoastal waterway, you can head out to the open ocean for deep water fishing, or you can head up river for some freshwater fishing experiences. And there's always just setting up camp on the beach for some good old fashioned shore casting. It's no secret why the fishing communities of Beaufort and Swansboro have been around since the early 1700s, the area has ideal fishing conditions for a wide variety of game fish. From flounder to spot, tuna to billfish and everything in between, anglers enjoy their catch of the day and the relaxing sights and sounds of the water as they await that tug on their line.

The state of North Carolina requires that those ages 16 or older hold a Coastal Recreational Fishing License (CRFL) to saltwater fish. The license can be purchased on a lifetime, annual or 10-day basis or it can be combined with a variety of licenses issues by the Wildlife Resources Commission. You can purchase the license online at the NC Wildlife Resource Commissions website. Be sure to click the yellow button that says 'Purchase Licesnse & Permits'.

Below are listings for area charting fishing operations that can get you out to the areas best suited for the type of fishing you'd like to do. 


Charter Fishing near Emerald Isle

Fishead Charters     

Capt. Chris Sewell

Phone: (910) 459-2258


On Point Fishing Charters

Capt. Johnathan Garrett

Phone: (252) 670-4523


Captain Stacy IV

Deep Sea Offshore Fishing

Phone: (800) 533-9417

Crystal Coast Boat Charters & Rentals

Scooter Hopkins, Guide

Phone: (910) 431-6190 or  (330) 285-0565 





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